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NYC Ferry

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Everything you need to know about NYC's citywide ferry

Earlier today, the NYC Ferry welcomed its first commuters on its inaugural ride from Beach 108th Street in the Rockaways.

NYC Ferry held back data on its well-to-do ridership

City surveys found that NYC Ferry riders often earned six-figure salaries.

Greenpoint block near NYC Ferry stop turns into obstacle course after heavy rain

"It’s like I need a ferry to cross the street to get to the real ferry"

NYC Ferry’s Brooklyn Navy Yard stop debuts today

The new stop will link the Navy Yard to Manhattan and Queens

City inks deal for NYC Ferry vessels, despite objections

Comptroller Scott Stringer raised red flags, but the city pushed through the purchase of 16 boats anyway

Developer’s proposed ferry link between Astoria and Upper East Side gains tentative support

A Manhattan community board committee has reservations, but ultimately passed a resolution in its favor

City lacks data to prove NYC Ferry serves low-income riders

City Council members grilled ferry officials on whether the municipal system is equitable at a Wednesday hearing

NYC Ferry should be under DOT control, says comptroller

Scott Stringer wants the DOT to immediately explore taking over the embattled ferry system

NYC Ferry is ‘swimming in subsidies’ with $10.73 per passenger: report

Per ride subsidies could rise to a staggering $24.75 with the system’s expansion

NYC Ferry will launch service to Staten Island, Coney Island

The ferry service will hit all five boroughs by 2020

Councilmember calls for NYC ferry from West Harlem to New Jersey

Councilmember Mark Levine is advocating for a ferry landing at West 125th Street.

MTA will get larger ferry boats for L train shutdown route

The agency is aiming to increase capacity size on ferry boats from 149 to 240 passengers.

NYC needs to create its own transit future—and ferries aren’t it

NYC’s new ferries are a pleasant way to travel for a select group of New Yorkers, but the rest of us are paying for it.

NYC Ferry’s Bronx route in Soundview launches

The new route connects the Bronx waterfront to Wall Street

NYC Ferry’s Soundview, Lower East Side routes will launch this month

The routes will bring ferry access to the Bronx and Manhattan’s east side.

NYC Ferry’s first 350-passenger boat arrives in Brooklyn Navy Yard

The boat will go into service by the end of this month.

NYC Ferry expansion prompts questions over who benefits most

A new Village Voice analysis of ferry ridership is revealing

NYC Ferry expects 9 million riders by 2023

The ferry is looking to double its fleet and add 350-passenger boats to meet the growing demand.

NYC Ferry braces for Soundview, Lower East Side routes

The De Blasio administration announced today that it’s making progress on the new ferry landing coming to the Soundview neighborhood of the Bronx.

New York schoolchildren once again give NYC Ferry vessels the best names

All aboard the Ocean Queen Rockstar!

NYC Ferry’s Lower East Side dock starts construction ahead of summer launch

Once it’s up and running, the route is expected to serve 1 million riders annually.

Nearly 3 million people rode the NYC ferry in 2017

That’s 34 percent more than what the city had anticipated for the end of 2017.

NYC Ferry rival drops suit alleging city sabotage

Freedom Cruises claimed Mayor de Blasio terminated their permits in favor of its competitor, Hornblower.

18 things New Yorkers can look forward to in 2018

We need this.

Everything you need to know about getting around NYC over Christmas

The holiday will bring myriad changes to New York’s streets, subways, buses, and more.

NYC Ferry ridership has already surpassed 2019 projections

The popular new transportation system has already accommodated more than 2.5 million riders.

New York ferry contractor struggling to remain afloat

One company that helped the city meet its ambitious deadline is now owed $800,000, they say.

It may have problems, but NYC transit is the best there is—here’s why

Or, how riding nearly every type of transit available to New Yorkers gave me a renewed appreciation for what we have.

New York’s most beautiful commute is via the NYC Ferry

Skip the pricey boat tours—for just $2.75, you can get a stunning architectural tour of NYC on the city’s newly-launched ferry system.

NYC Ferry's long-awaited Queens route launches today

The new route will connect Astoria to the Financial District in just about 45 minutes.

NYC Ferry is more popular than the iPhone (but less popular than Bose)

A survey of NYC Ferry riders determines that 93% are satisfied with their experience on board.

NYC Ferry is looking to add new docks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx

A newly filed application calls for new docks on the Upper East Side, Lower East Side, Stuyvesant Town, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

NYC Ferry is so crowded it’s hiring charter boats to pick up the slack

It’s only been six weeks since the citywide ferry’s debut, but the new service is so popular the city has to race to keep up with demand.

After one month, NYC's new ferry service proves popular enough to inspire long waits

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, riders experienced up to one-hour-long waits and long lines to board ferries.

NYC Ferry’s opening day provokes questions of practicality

The ferry has been viewed as a fix for an overburdened public transit system, but a ferry carries fewer riders than a single subway car.

NYC's first new citywide ferry boat arrives, takes its maiden voyage

NYC ferry Lunchbox was the first to take its maiden voyage around the city.