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NYC Rental Market Reports

Get the latest news on the cost of apartments for rent in NYC.

New York rents remain high—for now—despite coronavirus pandemic

Low inventory and apprehensive landlords squeeze the city’s rental market.

Is it okay to move in NYC during the coronavirus pandemic?

If you absolutely need to move out, here’s how to do it safely.

The most expensive blocks for NYC rentals are in Soho and Tribeca

A new StreetEasy report found that streets like Greenwich and Greene in Soho are among the most expensive for rentals.

How transportation affects affordability in NYC

A new report from the Citizens Budget Commission ranks NYC as the eighth most affordable large city, based on housing and transportation costs

Williamsburg rents soar one year after L train shutdown switch

Rents in the Brooklyn neighborhood have reached a new record high.

New York City’s decade of skyrocketing rents

As the decade comes to a close, the rent in NYC is still too damn high.

Williamsburg tops StreetEasy’s list of neighborhoods to watch in 2020

The north Brooklyn neighborhood’s real estate has rebounded from the L train slump in a major way.

This is how much having a roommate can save you in NYC

Is having a roommate really worth it? Short answer: yes.

NYC one-bedroom rents reach yet another high at $3,050/month

Two-bedroom rents also increased, reaching $3,450/month

Want to rent in Manhattan? Here’s how much you need to make

In many neighborhoods, you’ll need a six-figure salary to afford a studio or one-bedroom

Chelsea is the most expensive neighborhood to rent one-bedrooms in NYC

A new report maps out some of the city’s priciest neighborhoods for one-bedrooms

Manhattan, once again, is the most expensive place to rent in the US

Manhattan’s monthly rent reached an average of $4,190/month

The best (and worst) times to look for a NYC apartment

Avoid these times of the year for a better chance of snagging your dream apartment

NYC one-bedroom rents hit $2,980/month, an all-time high

And two-bedroom rents increased at an even higher rate

As L train repairs loom, rents in north Brooklyn have dropped

Apartments in the neighborhoods affected by the train’s ‘slowdown’ were re-listed at lower asking rents in the first quarter of 2019

Rent-stabilized landlords see operating costs increase, again

A yearly report presented by the Rent Guidelines Board shows that landlords’ costs increased 5.5 percent, while mortgage service fees are at an all-time low

Rent-stabilized landlords see profits—and costs—go up, setting up battle over rent freeze

The board held its first in a series of meetings that will culminate in a June vote.

Single New Yorkers gravitate to these neighborhoods

The neighborhoods vary by gender, but are often adjacent.

Brooklyn renters saved $6.4M thanks to L train shutdown hype

North Brooklyn renters who signed 2018 leases are the biggest winners in wake of the L shutdown cancelation.

Amazon’s HQ2 is already pushing Long Island City home prices higher

The Amazon HQ2 neighborhood isn’t the one being most heavily marketed for its proximity by real estate listings.

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Downtown Brooklyn tops StreetEasy’s list of 2019 neighborhoods to watch

The neighborhood’s access to transit and cushy amenity-laden buildings are winning North Brooklyn defectors over.

Demand for Williamsburg rentals dips ahead of L train shutdown

Williamsburg is the only New York neighborhood that saw a decrease in rental demand over the past year.

NYC’s housing crisis accelerating as low-rent apartment stock declines: report

A new report from City Comptroller Scott Stringer reveal that the city’s stock of low-rent apartments continue to diminish.

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These NYC neighborhoods offer the most bang for your buck

The top 10 features an equal mix of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan

These NYC neighborhoods saw the fastest rent growth since 2010

There’s a correlation between historically low-income areas and high increases in rents.

Williamsburg rent prices keep dropping ahead of L train shutdown

Rent prices within the neighborhood have declined to 2015 levels, while inventory is up 25 percent from last year.

Here’s how much you need to earn to rent a ‘modest’ two-bedroom in NYC

As if the city’s real estate market wasn’t already depressing enough...

NYC rents for one- and two-bedroom apartments are on the decline

There has been a year-over-year rent price decline around three to four percent, but prices are still high.

These NYC neighborhoods offer the most incentives for new renters

Concessions are high in neighborhoods where high-rise rentals are prevalent

NYC rental market’s ‘slow grind’ keeps prices down

Prices are down and the number of new leases signed is dropping—what does that mean for NYC renters?

Handy map shows median rents near NYC subway stops

The good news is, rent prices are on the decline...for now.

How rents for 1BRs in Manhattan and Brooklyn vary across neighborhoods

See which neighborhoods offer the best rent prices on a one-bedroom apartment right now.

NYC landlords offer more concessions than ever as demand for affordable rentals grows

Concessions now make up roughly half of all rental transactions

The L train shutdown is already affecting rents in Brooklyn

Rents in north Brooklyn have been on the downswing for seven months

Is New York City housing actually getting more affordable?

TL;DR: not really

Rental concessions keep rising, with records set across the city

Concessions now account for about half of the market share

The best and worst months to sign a new lease in NYC

Rent prices fluctuate throughout the year in New York, meaning some months are better to apartment hunt than others. Here’s when to sign on the dotted line, and when to lay low if you want to save dough.

At the end of 2017, NYC renters scored plenty of discounts from landlords

The fourth quarter of 2017 saw the most amount of discounts for NYC renters in nearly a decade.

NYC rents declined overall in 2017, but the Bronx is skyrocketing: report

The median rent in NYC dipped 3.7 percent in December 2017 from the same time in 2016.