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NYC Rental Market Reports

Get the latest news on the cost of apartments for rent in NYC.

In New York, 40% of adult renters are living with a roommate

Zillow analyzed data collected by the U.S. census to get a sense of how many working-age adults were living with either roommates or family members.

NYC rents rose in November thanks to an influx of luxury apartments

New York’s rental market will finish out the year with many of the same factors we've seen throughout 2017—namely, high concessions and softening demand for luxury products.

New Yorkers are among the country's least satisfied renters, says study

It is almost as though the rent is too damn high.

Could rents in NYC finally begin to show some signs of relief?

Landlords continue to use concessions to lure renters, but vacancy rates are up—does this mean a reckoning is coming?

Most NYers make less than what's needed to rent in NYC: report

Most New Yorkers would find it hard to meet the landlord requirement of making 40 times the rent.

Port Morris and Mott Haven rents rose the most in NYC this fall

They’re far from the city’s priciest neighborhoods, but had its fastest-growing rents.

NYC’s busy summer season ends with a record number of leases signed

And—surprise!—the use of concessions is still high.

As NYC rents surge and concessions stagnate, renters lose the upper hand

High summer demand pushed up rents in Manhattan, Brooklyn and especially Queens, but discounts are down.

Low- and middle-income renters may soon be eligible for tax credits

Congressman Joseph Crowley of Queens will introduce a bill to aid rent-burdened households across the country.

Rents are increasing twice as fast as wages in New York

In a report from StreetEasy, rent prices were found to have increased at double the rate of median wage increases during the past seven years.

As New Yorkers seek out affordability, entry-level rentals become pricier

Demand for affordable apartments in Manhattan has pushed up the median rent for entry tier apartments, July’s market reports find.

New York’s most and least affordable neighborhoods

Going in on which of the city’s neighborhoods are most affordable and least affordable in relation to their median household incomes.

NYC vacancy rates poised to skyrocket as 40,000 new rentals come to market

The analysis, by Ten-X Commercial, predicts that the vacancy rate will rise to 11 percent by the end of 2018

Comparing Manhattan and Brooklyn 1BR rents across different neighborhoods

A new set of data from Zumper breaks down the average rent for a one-bedroom in various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, so if you’re looking for those deals, this could provide some hope.

NYC landlords try out lower rents as concessions stagnate

The use of concessions is still high, but it looks like landlords will depend on them less.

Manhattan’s median rental price swells with influx of $15,000-plus pads

May’s rental transactions of $15,000 or higher more than doubled compared to last year.

What happens to NYC apartment-seekers when perks like free rent dry up?

The rise in rental concessions may seem like good news, but renters shouldn’t count on it forever—here’s why.

As inventory drops in Brooklyn and Manhattan, resale prices hit a record high

A double-digit drop in sales inventory this April will make for a competitive summer.

Manhattan dominates list of country’s most expensive zip codes

According to a new RentCafe study, the majority of the country’s 20 priciest zip codes—for renters, anyway—are in New York, with Manhattan taking 16 of those slots.

NYC landlords continue to rely on concessions, but it’s renters who may lose in the end

Rent discounts and other concessions remain the new normal in New York, but landlords—and tenants—may be taking a risk with these hefty perks.

Second Avenue Subway has yet to lead to a rise in Upper East Side rents

Rent prices around the new stations haven’t brought the massive spikes that industry experts predicted.

NYC rentals face steep competition, but offer more perks

High inventory in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens means landlords are offering more concessions

NYC rents begin to soften as market enters a ‘transitional period’

Renters, rejoice: New York City apartment prices are beginning to dip across the board, even though rents are, as ever, too damn high.

How gentrified are New York’s Next Hot Neighborhoods?

Exploring the numbers behind Astoria, Bed-Stuy, Sunset Park, and more.

NYC rents dip as concessions become the new normal

Use of concessions like free rent is at an all-time high in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Now's the time to wrangle a rent discount from your new landlord

Landlords in Brooklyn and Manhattan are offering record numbers of concessions to new renters thanks to a softening market.

Wealthy renters move beyond Manhattan, infiltrate Brooklyn and Queens

The rent may be too damn high, but there are plenty of people in New York City who are willing to pay those astronomical prices, according to a new study by RentCafé.

More than half of New Yorkers are rent burdened: study

A new study finds that more than half of New Yorkers who rent devote more than 30 percent of their income to rents. But when it comes to income versus rent, New York City isn’t the most expensive city (Hint: It isn’t San Francisco either.)

NYC renters can't catch a break despite more move-in incentives than ever

Median rents may have slipped, but the decrease wasn't enough to entice more people to move—even with more concessions being offered than ever.

East Harlem rents are among Manhattan's fastest-rising this fall

Zumper tracked the monthly median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn and Queens. East Harlem, Bushwick and Ocean Hill experienced the biggest price bumps this month.

Brooklyn’s brownstone market is booming

Manhattan’s luxury market has fallen flat, but Brooklyn’s may be on the upswing.

Rich people struggle to move investment pads as pricey rentals

More than 20 percent of new condo sales in Manhattan are to investors, and now as those investors try to rent to turn a buck, there’s a flood of too-expensive rentals on the market.

In NYC, one in seven roommates is over the age of 40

Room share website SpareRoom has found that 14% of roommates in New York City are over the age of 40. This isn’t just out of necessity; Generation Xers are also seeking roommates for their * totally platonic * companionship.

Manhattan landlords are offering more concessions than ever before

In October, an increased rental supply, particularly from new, high-end developments, has caused landlords to offer up more concessions in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The best Brooklyn neighborhood for renters is…Sheepshead Bay?

The outer Brooklyn neighborhood averages rent under $2,000 a month

Brooklyn and Queens have never been this expensive

Records were set left and right this past quarter in the outer boroughs. Sales records were set in Brooklyn and Queens for condos, co-ops, one- to three-family homes and luxury properties. Sorry, wannabe homeowners.

As NYC rental prices drop, landlords offer more perks

Lots of new development across the city has caused prices to level out in Manhattan and drop in Brooklyn, with landlord concessions up across the board.

Brooklyn’s rental glut is becoming a reality

The 10-block stretch along Flatbush Avenue between the Barclays Center and Myrtle Avenue has 19 apartment buildings that are either under construction or have just been completed, and together they have an offering of 6,500 units, most are rentals.

How much would New Yorkers pay for a shorter commute?

As the old saying goes, time is money—and for some New Yorkers who are desperate to shorten their commute, that comes at the price of about $56 a month, according to an analysis of market data by FiveThirtyEight. Here's what that means.