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NYC Transportation

Consider this your comprehensive guide to transportation in New York City—from news on the NYC subway and the MTA, to guides on how to navigate New York’s airports and transit hubs, and more.

Can cargo bike deliveries help ease NYC’s congestion woes?

A new pilot program will replace some truck deliveries with ones by pedal-assist electric cargo bikes.

E-scooter legalization stalls in New York, but New Jersey offers roadmap

What can NYC learn from Hoboken’s e-scooter program?

Take a ride on a vintage subway train this holiday season

The nostalgia rides will take you back to the 1930s.

NYC could get bike and pedestrian mayors under new bills

The new offices would likely merge into one department if the legislation passes.

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The ultimate guide to JFK Airport

Everything you need to know about JFK Airport, from where to eat to the best spot for grabbing a cab.

Manhattan BP wants busways in Harlem, Washington Heights

One pol is calling for "forward-thinking" busways in northern Manhattan.

It’s time to end NYC’s free parking giveaway

Eliminating free street parking is good for the environment, and good for the city, argues 2nd Ave. Sagas’ Benjamin Kabak

Citi Bike puts equity “front and center” with formation of new advisory board

"It’s fundamental to the success of serving the neighborhoods we want to serve," Lyft’s Caroline Samponaro says.

Staten Island’s borough-wide dockless bike share pilot to roll out next spring

The city has chosen a U.K.-based provider to lead the bike share program in the borough next year.

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The ultimate guide to New York's Penn Station

Consider this your ultimate survival guide to the much-maligned transit hub—find out the best places to eat, where to wait, and what to avoid.

What do New Yorkers want when searching for a home?

Not bike infrastructure, apparently. But low crime rates and good light are a must.

The MTA is joining the Paris climate agreement. It should focus on improving service

The transportation agency plans to cut its carbon emissions—but increasing ridership would have more of an impact

14th Street busway rolls into its next pedestrian-friendly phase

Workers will install seven new platforms to improve bus boarding.

Corey Johnson’s streets master plan is a great first step for a more livable NYC

But meaningful action on the streets will depend upon the next mayor

L train’s First Avenue subway station gets a new entrance 

The work is part of a series of upgrades to the station and 14th Street

Could congestion pricing lead to Manhattan parking permits?

Manhattanites worry about losing parking thanks to congestion pricing, but are those fears founded?

Judge tosses Uber lawsuit against NYC’s for-hire vehicle cap

Uber filed the lawsuit against the city in February.

City backpedals on expanding Midtown pedestrian space for the holidays

De Blasio called the plan "premature" and said City Hall had not signed off.

City Council passes $1.7B plan to ‘revolutionize’ NYC streets

The bill aims to improve how New Yorkers bike, bus, and move through the city.

LaGuardia Airport unveils new concourse in $8B overhaul

The concourse will host flights heading to destinations including Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

10 must-follow Instagram accounts for NYC subway lovers

Whether you love old maps, vintage signage, or hot dudes reading, these Instagram accounts devoted to the subway system have you covered.

Port Authority approves billions for airport rail projects

Board members moved to fund new AirTrains at LaGuardia and Newark airports.

MTA’s Bronx bus redesign will chop 400 stops and add new routes

The much-anticipated plan falls short os transits advocates hopes.

As NYC subway performance improves, ridership is increasing 

Subway ridership has increased 4.5 percent since last year, the MTA says.

Where should the next NYC busway be? Experts weigh in

The runaway success of the 14th Street car ban makes similar interventions in the city a no-brainer

Lyft follows Uber in suing NYC over cruising cap

Lyft’s lawsuit comes less than a month after Uber’s suit against the city rule

NYC will lower speed limit on West Side Highway as part of Vision Zero

The speed limit will be lowered to 30 MPH and will take effect on October 12.

MTA says billions needed to revive old Rockaway LIRR track

A preliminary study outlines the barriers and costs associated with reactivating a stretch of Long Island Rail Road track in eastern Queens

A new report outlines privacy risks for the MTA’s contactless payment system

"A simple bus or subway ride shouldn’t cost us our civil rights," says the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

It’s time to ban cars from Manhattan

If we want to alleviate NYC’s traffic woes, we need to start with Manhattan; and instead of small steps we need to take one big leap: ban cars.

14th Street Busway launches this week: Here’s what you need to know

After months of legal challenges, the busway will finally launch Thursday.

Transit app slams Lyft’s attempts to ‘take over mobility’

Lyft, Citi Bike’s owner, is no longer allowing riders to unlock their bikes in Transit.

14th Street busway gets the green light from judges

A panel of judges overturned an August ruling to block the transit-truck priority throughway

Port Authority approves sweeping fare hikes, airport taxi surcharges

Tolls and fares will see significant hikes over the coming years.

Uber sues NYC over new ‘cruising cap’

The cap requires app companies to reduce the number of idling vehicles with no passengers below 96th Street in Manhattan.

MTA announces 48 stations that will get accessibility upgrades

Several stations across the five boroughs will soon become ADA accessible.

Citi Bike’s expansion in Bushwick and Ridgewood rolls out this month

Look out for 85 new docking stations in north Brooklyn and Queens this month

MTA unveils $51.5 billion plan to fix New York City’s transit system

The investment would amount to the largest in the agency’s history.

Express F train service begins its limited run this week

Four rush hour F trains will run express in Brooklyn starting today.