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What 15 essential NYC books can teach us about the city

Kurt Thometz—private library to Astors and curator of the Little Black Bookshop—selects work by Marlon James, Patti Smith, and more.

Do developer-owned coffee houses accelerate NYC gentrification?

It’s important to take a close look at how these coffee house brokers operate before painting them as villains in the gentrification saga.

How our neighbors across New York City confront gentrification

Meeting our neighbors has been crucial to our understanding of NYC’s neighborhoods—here are four of their stories.

5 things we learned from getting scammed by short-term renters

Lesson one: don’t let desperation make you naïve

How we find our way in a new NYC neighborhood each month

Books and websites are helpful, but the people in our neighborhoods have been the best resource

Why we're moving to 12 different NYC neighborhoods in 12 months

Journalists Felix Zeltner and Christina Horsten are behind NYC12x12, a project in which they move to one New York City neighborhood each month, living in different areas of the city for one year. Read on for their first dispatch for Curbed NY.