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Is NYCHA doing enough to fight the coronavirus pandemic?

NYCHA says it is deep cleaning its buildings, but some residents aren’t satisfied with what they’re seeing.

Upper East Side NYCHA tenants sue as new development looms

"It’s unbelievable that we have to live this way."

What would a Green New Deal for NYCHA look like?

Sorely needed maintenance, energy retrofits, climate proofing, and good quality jobs for residents, for starters

Brooklyn NYCHA complex to sell air rights in first-of-its-kind deal

The deal is expected to generate $25 million for repairs, but the complex has an estimated need of $159 million over the next five years.

As heat season begins, NYCHA needs $3B to upgrade heat and hot water systems

Advocates are pushing city and state lawmakers to fast-track capital funding to address the agency’s utility needs.

NYCHA mixed-income infill projects ‘appear stalled:’ report

The authority’s infill program is facing an uphill battle, says a new report.

NYC pol questions NYCHA’s readiness for the next superstorm

The city’s fiscal watch dog is calling on NYCHA to update New Yorkers on how it’s better prepared for storms like Sandy

NYCHA fighting a ‘losing battle’ against elevator upkeep

The agency projects a $1.5 billion need to maintain public housing lifts

NYCHA blasted for ‘string of failures’ with post-Sandy repairs on the LES

A Lower East Side lawmaker demands greater oversight of federally-funded Sandy work at public housing complexes

Most NYCHA developments suffered heat and hot water losses this winter

87 percent of NYCHA apartments faced heat or hot water outages during the winter, new data shows

NYCHA wasted millions repairing roofs covered by warranties: audit

The agency spent millions of taxpayer dollars on fixes that should have been free

NY blasts ‘cruel’ HUD proposal to evict immigrants from public housing

The city slammed the rule as "weaponizing immigration status"

NYCHA left dozens of lead-poisoned kids in their contaminated apartments: report

NYCHA contested lead test results in 88 units by city health inspectors

How Bill de Blasio’s housing record stacks up to his ‘working people’ platform

Housing issues have dogged New York City’s mayor since day one of his administration

New HUD rule could force NYC families from public housing

"The only thing this proposed rule would do is potentially make another 22,000 to 25,000 families homeless"

NYCHA air rights eyed by private developers

Several developers have been working with lobbying firms to help them secure valuable air rights from the city’s public housing stock.

City may demolish and rebuild two NYCHA buildings in Chelsea: report

The project, part of the Mayor’s ten-year plan to resolve $24 billion in repairs, would bring profit to the embattled agency

Manhattan BP sues city over plan for private housing at NYCHA complex

The city has "illegally circumvented" the typical land use review, according to the lawsuit

Long-delayed development at NYCHA site pulled after 14 years

Residents and local officials invested in the future of Harborview say they had no idea NYCHA had called the development off

NYCHA will X-ray for lead paint at 135,000 apartments

The city aims to test up to 7,000 apartments per month to reach its 2020 deadline

Trump budget proposal would slash NYCHA’s operating, capital funds

The proposal for FY2020 would eliminate the Public Housing Capital Fund

Manhattan BP threatens ‘legal remedies’ against Upper East Side NYCHA project

The Holmes Towers project is subverting the typical land use process and denying key feedback, officials say

HUD reportedly selects ex-prosecutor as NYCHA federal monitor

Bart Schwartz worked with former mayor Rudy Giuliani and has ties to Gov. Andrew Cuomo

NYCHA concerns dominate heated Gowanus rezoning meeting

"Fix our homes before you rezone. We said this for the last two years," said one public housing tenant

As NYCHA braces for federal monitor, residents and advocates question the deal

"If the federal government, the state really want to help, they need to put the money where their mouth is"

NYCHA, HUD reach tentative deal for more federal oversight

A HUD-appointed federal monitor would oversee the embattled authority

NYCHA stares down a federal takeover

The city’s housing authority may undergo a federal takeover if it fails to reach an agreement with HUD.

NYCHA claims top spot on annual list of NYC’s worst landlords

This is the first time that the watchlist has included public housing.

NYCHA problems have serious implications for NYC’s economy: report

A report from the RPA illustrates that all New Yorkers have a stake in seeing to it that NYCHA gets the repairs its residents deserve.

City announces plan to resolve $24B of NYCHA repairs

The 10-year plan will make vital repairs and will allow for development on underutilized NYCHA land.

NYCHA enlists private developers to oversee repairs, daily operations

The city has announced a plan that puts private developers in control of 62,000 public housing apartments.

Settlement between NYCHA and city rejected by federal judge

A judge determined that the settlement didn’t put enough emphasis on enforcement.

More than 35,000 NYCHA residents already facing heat and hot water outages

Winter hasn’t even arrived yet and tenants are suffering through the cold.

City announces ‘major improvements’ to NYCHA heating units ahead of winter

Several developments have been given new boilers and there are 50 new heating technicians

NYCHA housing conditions deteriorated while city’s rental stock improved

Conditions in NYCHA buildings were found to have little to no improvement since 2014.

City considers more market-rate housing on ‘underutilized’ NYCHA land

A shift in policy could bring in more revenue for the beleaguered agency

NYCHA parking lot in Hell’s Kitchen could get hundreds of luxury apartments

Originally, the city had committed to building a fully affordable housing project at the site.

NYCHA has more than a lead paint problem to contend with

Agency officials detailed several other concerns at a monthly board meeting on Wednesday

Mayor De Blasio commits $80M to combat NYCHA’s lead paint problem

The administration will hire private contractors to examine 150,000 NYCHA apartments across the city.