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Pier 55

Pier 55’s concrete pots begin appearing in the Hudson River

The $250 million pier’s concrete pots will the park its characteristic undulating shape.

Here’s what Pier 55’s futuristic floating park looks like right now

Work on installing the 480 piles that will support the park will begin next month.

Work resumes on Pier 55’s Thomas Heatherwick-designed park

This $250 million has overcome years of drama to finally make some progress in earnest.

Cuomo pledges $50M to Hudson River Park, but only if city matches it

Even with the additional funds the park is still short its needed funding.

Douglas Durst appointed to Hudson River Park Trust board

The real estate developer has bankrolled lawsuits to halt the park’s most ambitious project, but as part of the board, he will be tasked with helping the project move forward.

After Cuomo intervenes, Pier 55's floating park is back on

The City Club of New York will also cease from filing any more lawsuits against the project.

Was Pier 55's floating park sunk by Whitney Museum’s Hudson River plans?

That’s what the lawyer for the opposition is suggesting.

Whitney Museum wants to bring a permanent art installation to the Hudson River

The museum looked to Barry Diller’s now-dead floating park at Pier 55 for what not to do.

Barry Diller, city officials weigh in on the demise of Pier 55's floating park

"The opponents should have been more willing to seek compromise," Mayor de Blasio said of the failed multimillion dollar park plan.

Pier 55 benefactor Barry Diller pulls support, ending the floating park

Citing ongoing lawsuits and community pushback, the billionaire businessman called off plans for the futuristic floating park.

Pier 55 opponents file yet another lawsuit to try and stop the floating park

The City Club of New York is alleging the Hudson River Park Trust of changing the construction method for the island to do avoid statutory environmental mandates.

Mayor de Blasio intervenes in battle over Pier 55's floating park

The mayor has asked Douglas Durst to stop funding lawsuits snarling the construction of a new pier park on the Hudson River.

Pier 55 construction resumes, but opponents aren't backing down

New permits are allowing the project to move forward, despite previous legal challenges, and threats of future ones.

Pier 55 backers appeal stop-work order on beleaguered floating park

The convoluted saga of Barry Diller’s floating park continues as the Hudson River Park Trust and the US Army Corps of Engineers appeal a recent decision to stop construction.

Douglas Durst cops to funding lawsuits against Pier 55

The real estate scion was first floated as a funding source for the lawsuits in September.

Court halts Pier 55 construction, again

In April last year, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers signed off on the project, finally allowing it to move forward. The District Court judge however found the Army Corps of Engineers to be at fault.

Pier 55's undulating design may be getting modifications

One of the standout features of the design were the pot-shaped piers that would hold up the park over the Hudson River and create the differential heights throughout the space.

Pier 55’s nonprofit arch-nemesis made to reveal funding source

Pier 55 funder Barry Diller has accused a prominent real estate figure of funding the fight against the park.

Pier 55’s futuristic floating park will be home to 400 plant species

Once complete the park will be accessible from connecting paths on West 13th and West 14th Streets. If everything goes according to plan construction will wrap up in 2019.

Latest Pier 55 lawsuit dismissed, allowing construction to proceed

The City Club's main contention against the project and the Hudson River Park Trust had been that the park should have been subjected to a full Environmental Impact Statement and not just a state Environment Assessment Form.

Pier 55 appears in court (again)

Construction on the futuristic floating pier has been snarled by demands that the park undergo a full environmental review, as well as allegations that the trust set up by the park's private funder, Barry Diller, would be wrongly advantageous to him.

Fight against Pier 55 may be funded by real estate tycoon

The approvals process and construction of Pier 55 on Manhattan’s West Side has been snarled by lawsuits since the moments plans for the futuristic floating park were announced. But who exactly is behind these lawsuits?

Pier 55 completes first minuscule phase of construction

Despite three pending lawsuits and an injunction, the first phase of construction is complete at Hudson River Park’s Pier 55. That means that nine of 550 piles are in place, not much but it's a start.

Pier 55 construction resumes following latest lawsuit

The planned park at Pier 55 received a temporary reprieve Tuesday when the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court decided to lift an injunction that halted construction on the project last month.

Construction on Hudson River's controversial floating park halted

Pier 55 seemed to be making headway, gaining the necessary approval of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers back in April. Now, burdened by a preliminary injunction from a state appellate court, the park is going back to the courts.

Construction on Pier 55’s Floating Park Will Begin This Summer

With all the approvals now under it's belt, and having already fought off a lawsuit to block the project, Pier 55 is finally ready to move forward. The project is being funded almost entirely by Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Hudson River's Planned Floating Park Overcomes Lawsuit

A judge has ruled to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the futuristic floating park last June. The park now has one more hurdle to jump before it can become a reality.

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