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Port Authority

Port Authority approves sweeping fare hikes, airport taxi surcharges

Tolls and fares will see significant hikes over the coming years.

Plans to replace Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal inch forward

Transit officials will host four public hearings—two in New York, two in New Jersey—on the plans this summer

Port Authority seeks commuter input on making its bus terminal better

A council of commuters and those living near the Midtown hub would offer regular feedback

Free express bus service to LaGuardia Airport is back for Thanksgiving

The Q70—aka the LaGuardia Link—will provide free service between the airport and Queens subway stops

Cortlandt Street subway, demolished on 9/11, is now open

The 1 train is stopping at the station once again

Key aspect of Gateway tunnel project secures funding

This work has to be completed before the second phase of the Hudson Yards megaproject can begin.

Port Authority study will consider 7 train extension to New Jersey

The long-term study will also consider a wide range of other options.

LaGuardia AirTrain gets $55M cash infusion from Port Authority

The money will be used to fund technical planning and design work.

Gateway Tunnel construction could begin in spring 2018

Despite the lack of any financial commitments from the Trump administration, Amtrak Chairman Tony Coscia is optimistic that construction will move forward soon.

Red Hook Container Terminal won’t be redeveloped anytime soon

The agency will issue a Request for Proposals to keep the cargo terminal in operation for the next five years but a sale is not completely out of the cards.

Port Authority will study potential Brooklyn-New Jersey freight tunnel

The agency has issued a Request for Proposals and will grant up to $35 million for the study.

Port Authority studies plan to build on existing bus terminal site

In January this year, the agency finally pledged $3.5 billion towards a new bus terminal after months of fighting, and the cost of building at the existing site will be one of the major aspects of this new study.

Port Authority Bus Terminal actually looks nice in this time-lapse video

Landscape photographer Tony Gregory has put together a series of time-lapse videos depicting the terminal’s traffic during its busiest hours as hundreds of thousands of commuters pass through its passageways.

Port Authority proposes $4 ‘access fee’ for taxi trips to city airports

In a new proposal, the agency is calling for a $4 "access fee" that would require all passengers being picked up and dropped off via car service, including Uber and Lyft.

Port Authority approves $32B capital plan with airport, bus terminal revamps

As expected the Port Authority’s Board approved its massive $32.2 billion 10-year Capital Plan on Thursday—it’s the largest sum the agency has approved for a capital plan yet.

NY, NJ officials spar over Port Authority Bus Terminal redevelopment delays

New Jersey elected officials feel that Governor Cuomo is more concerned about moving projects like the JFK and LaGuardia Airports upgrade forward.

Port Authority pledges $3.5B to bus terminal redevelopment

The bi-state agency has agreed to commit $3.5 billion to the redevelopment of Port Authority Bus Terminal. The funds are not expected to cover the entire cost of the project, but are a start.

Port Authority infighting continues to stymie bus terminal redesign

The agency’s board has been riddled with infighting along political and state lines with the differences between the two sides centering on who should shoulder the burden of paying for a redesigned terminal.

Port Authority chairman should be nixed from Bus Terminal redevelopment, officials say

Just when it seemed like things were progressing smoothly with the Port Authority Bus Terminal overhaul project, heated words exchanged between elected officials and the Port Authority chairman have threatened to jeopardize the project yet again.

Should Port Authority’s new bus terminal stay in the same Midtown location?

The head juror for that PABT design competition has now suggested to the heads of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that they consider building something new on top of the existing structure.

Port Authority pledges $150M to Moynihan Station development

Though most of the redevelopment project spearheaded by Governor Andrew Cuomo will be funded privately, about $325 million was to be made available through government funds.

5 out-there proposals for a redesigned Port Authority Bus Terminal

The contest had been the source of controversy for the last few months with local residents and elected officials complaining that the PA had failed to solicit public opinion or communicate with the public for setting any kind of design guidelines.

Port Authority revisits idea of 7 train expansion to New Jersey

Port Authority will soon release a study, that in part, argues for the extension of the 7 train to Secaucus, New Jersey, citing that doing so could reduce bus terminal congestion in the long run.

Port Authority, elected officials finally agree to move forward on new bus terminal

These designs however aren’t the final word on what will replace the existing 66-year-old terminal, and the agency is open to other planning options as well. Starting this month, the PA will start holding meetings with city and state officials.

One World Trade Center won’t be sold anytime soon, says Port Authority

Just kidding, the news of a potential sale last week was all overblown and the Port Authority Chairman John Degnan clarified to Politico that a sale wasn't anywhere in the offing right now, and that PA hadn't spoken to any brokers to move forward.

One World Trade Center sale could prove challenging for Port Authority

The Port Authority is hoping that a potential sale of One World Trade Center may generate as much as $5 billion for the agency, but in order for any sale to move forward there are some serious emotional and real estate hurdles to cross.

No end in sight for fight over Port Authority Bus Terminal redesign

This week the agency invited elected officials to review the plans submitted by the five finalists for the design competition, but the officials rejected that idea saying it would legitimize an already unfair process.

LaGuardia revamp gets another boost with Delta investment

Port Authority's contribution will go towards the second phase of the redevelopment that entails interconnecting Delta’s Terminals B, C, and D into a single facility.

Officials slam Port Authority’s ‘premature’ plans for new bus terminal

Elected officials want the Port Authority to halt a competition to design a new bus terminal in Manhattan

Port Authority Renews Plan To Build Apartments Near Lincoln Tunnel Entrance

the agency submitted plans for the building last fall, which would see the creation of 24 apartments spread out 42,649 square feet of space, and a 5,400 square foot retail component on the ground floor.

WTC Transportation Hub Could Get an Opening Ceremony in May

Finally, Port Authority's "glorious boondoggle" may finally get the ringing-in it (sort of) deserves, as the agency plans to hold an opening ceremony for the $4 billion transit center around the time of its next board meeting.

Port Authority Agrees to Fund a New Bus Terminal, Somehow

Despite a lack of funds to finance all of the projects on its place, the Port Authority announced on Thursday that it will fund a new bus terminal and that it's decision is binding. Where, exactly, the estimated $10 billion for the terminal will come from is unclear.

Port Authority Pulls Out of Its Planned Moynihan Station Space

Port Authority signed a deal with Empire State Development back in 2000 to lease 40,000 square feet of space at the redeveloped James A. Farley post office building which will be known as Moynihan Station after the overhaul.

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