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NYC Rent Stabilization

New York City’s Rent Guidelines Board vote, explained

All your pressing questions about this year’s Rent Guidelines Board decision, answered.

Nearly 1 Million NYC Rent-Stabilized Apartments Get Rent Freeze

After three years of increases, the city’s Rent Guidelines Board voted to approve a rent freeze for one-year leases.

Nearly a million New York City apartments could get a rent freeze

In a preliminary vote, the Rent Guidelines Board voted to approve a rent freeze on one-year leases.

NYC landlords push for rent increases, but tenants want a freeze

The Rent Guidelines Board will cast a preliminary vote this week.

NYC rent-stabilized landlords see costs rise, push for rent increases

The city’s Rent Guidelines Board released its report on landlords’s income and expenses ahead of the agency’s yearly hearings.

De Blasio calls for rent freeze for NYC’s rent-stabilized tenants

The city’s nearly 1 million rent-stabilized units may be subject to rent increases this year

One of New York’s new rent laws struck down by appeals court

The state’s Court of Appeals sided with landlords in a lawsuit to strike down a section of the new rent laws on retroactive rent overcharge claims.

Rent control vs. rent stabilization in NYC, explained

Everything you need to know about rent regulations in New York City, including how to find these somewhat elusive apartments.

How to find a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City

Find a rent-stabilized apartment in these four easy steps.

Could commercial rent stabilization solve NYC’s retail vacancy woes?

"It’s about the culture of the city," said one small business advocate.

NYC launches campaign to promote new tenant protections

"Laws are only as good as the information that’s out there," says one city official.

NYC tenant advocates push for even greater renter protections with new campaign

"There is still much work to be done," one of the advocates said.

It’s official: NYC brokers cannot charge more than $20 for rental applications

The state puts to rest excessive upfront fees renters have long decried

Infamous landlord Steve Croman sued for allegedly illegally deregulating Greenwich Village apartments

A group of Greenwich Village tenants is suing Croman.

New bill would target landlords who harass rent-stabilized tenants over buyouts

The proposed legislation would establish rules for buyouts and penalize landlords who harass tenants

How NYC landlords may be skirting the new rent laws

Here are some of the tenant-landlord issues to look out for

State lawmakers promise ‘heavy penalties’ for landlords who violate rent laws

An Assemblywoman called violators of the newly enacted rent laws "disgusting"

Infamous landlord Steve Croman illegally de-stabilized Harlem apartments: lawsuit

A Manhattan Supreme Court Justice gave the lawsuit class action status

Landlord groups claim rent laws ‘violate the US Constitution’ in lawsuit

The complaint says that owners are deprived of their rights to "use, possess, dispose of, and exclude others from their property"

Landlords plan legal challenge against Albany rent reforms

Two landlord groups will reportedly file a lawsuit by mid-July

NYC’s rent-stabilized tenants will face increases of up to 2.5 percent

The city’s Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) decided on a rent increase for the third consecutive year

New York’s ‘historic,’ pro-tenant rent reforms pass with Cuomo’s approval

The state legislature’s new Democratic majority pushed through landmark tenant protections

Tenant advocates and real estate insiders react to New York’s rent law reform

Governor Cuomo is ‘ready to sign the bills’ that will strengthen tenant protections throughout New York state.

Wealthy, older Manhattanites benefit most from rent regulation: report

More affluent renters of regulated apartments received bigger discounts from market rate rent, a Wall Street Journal analysis found.

The campaign for rent reform in New York, explained

Who’s for reform, who’s against it, and why it matters

Major rent law reform strengthening tenant protections moves forward in Albany

Legislators have reached a deal to extend and strengthen rent regulation throughout New York state

New York inches closer to universal rent control with state lawmakers’ support

Nine bills aimed at protecting NY tenants are likely to pass, Albany Democrats say

‘We have to keep people in their homes’: City Council votes to strengthen tenant protections

The legislation aims to shield tenants from predatory landlords

Rent-stabilized tenants may see rent hikes of up to 3.75 percent

In a preliminary vote, the Rent Guidelines Board voted 5-4 to approve a rent increase

Tenants and landlords debate New York’s expiring rent laws at packed Assembly hearing

The laws governing the state’s nearly 1 million rent regulated apartments expire June 15

Tenants, landlord groups debate city’s housing crisis as rent hikes loom

"I might have to move to another state, where life is cheaper," an activist said

Rent-stabilized landlords see operating costs increase, again

A yearly report presented by the Rent Guidelines Board shows that landlords’ costs increased 5.5 percent, while mortgage service fees are at an all-time low

Rent-stabilized landlords see profits—and costs—go up, setting up battle over rent freeze

The board held its first in a series of meetings that will culminate in a June vote.

New York landlords push back on rent reform with new ad campaign

Pro-landlord groups argue that reforming rent laws will hurt both building owners and renters

Loft law reform ignites debate over North Brooklyn industrial zones

Council member Reynoso fears a loft law expansion will displace North Brooklyn manufacturing businesses

Legislators seek to outlaw NYC rent hikes tied to major apartment improvements

The bill would eliminate the Major Capital Improvements program, and roll back rents on apartments affected by MCIs

New York state creates one-stop portal for rent-stabilized tenant issues

Find your rent history, submit a complaint, and more—all in one place

New DOB measure aims to stop landlords from flouting rent stabilization rules

A new system will help the DOB double-check the claims of landlords.

Can NYC phase out cluster site program without ‘perpetuating homelessness’?

Lawsuit seeks tenant protections for former shelter residents