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Rikers Island

Bill de Blasio’s Plan to Close Rikers Is Crumbling

A judge’s ruling is the latest bad news for the mayor.

Rikers Island closure and borough-based jail plan, explained

The effort to replace Rikers is at a critical juncture, here’s what you need to know.

NYC begins process to ban jails from Rikers Island

The City Planning Commission certified a plan on Monday to remap the island as a "public place"

City Council approves plan to replace Rikers Island with four borough-based jails

The historic Council vote is a crucial step toward shuttering the scandal-plagued prison complex by 2026.

Rikers Island replacement plan heads to City Council for approval

Lawmakers are likely to pass the $8.7 billion borough-based jail plan.

City Council seeks to pass ‘ironclad’ provision to close Rikers Island

The proposal must work its way through the city’s land use review process

What can New York City learn from Norway about designing humane jails?

City officials will learn those lessons during a week-long European visit to tour jails

City lawmakers question vague roadmap for $8.7B plan to replace Rikers Island

"We have to get these answers and we have to get these commitments before we recommend," said one Councilmember

Rikers Island closure provokes fierce debate at planning commission hearing

New Yorkers weighed in on the plan during a more than six hour hearing

‘Renewable Rikers Act’ aims to remake the island with green infrastructure

A new package of bills seeks to reimagine the infamous island

NYC to shrink borough-based jails planned to replace Rikers Island

As the city’s detainee population shrinks, so will the jails set to replace Rikers Island, the city says

De Blasio says Rikers Island to close one year earlier than expected

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the infamous prison island will shutter in 2026 instead of a year later

Can Rikers Island be reinvented with green infrastructure?

As the city pursues plans to shutter the island, local leaders are reimagining its legacy from incarceration to infrastructure