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Sarah Jessica Parker

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Mapping New York’s biggest, most outrageous megamansions

More than a dozen of these enormous, pieced-together homes can be found throughout NYC.

Sarah Jessica Parker's West Village megamansion will soon take shape

The couple has never publicly confirmed the purchase of these townhouses, but the two houses sold for a combined total of $34.5 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker May Be Making a West Village Megamansion

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Map: 50 Biggest Celebrity Real Estate Moves of 2015 in NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes a Loss on Greenwich Village House

Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Sold Her $20M Village Townhouse

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The 90 Biggest Celebrity Real Estate Moves of the Year in NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker Cuts $2M Off Village Townhouse Ask

Sex and the City House Owners Feud with Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Re-List $22M House

Peek Inside Sarah Jessica Parker's Delightfully Quirky Townhome

New York's Biggest Real Estate Spenders by Profession

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