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Second Avenue Subway

Everything about New York’s Second Avenue Subway line, from the route map and details on its station art, to updates on the timeline and next phases of the project.

MTA offers new details on Second Avenue Subway’s second phase

The agency is aiming to open the new subway stations by 2027.

A year after Second Avenue subway’s opening, Yorkville prices are on the rise

Yorkville’s percentage increase in median rent over the last 12 months was only second to the Financial District’s.

Second Avenue Subway’s fire alarm system has been offline since May

Contractors are reprogramming the system but it won’t be back online until December.

Second Avenue Subway has yet to receive safety certificate

As of May, there were 7,264 defects that the MTA had yet to address.

How has the Second Avenue Subway affected apartment prices in Yorkville?

Short answer: despite a rising price per square foot, it’s hard to tell.

New York City's subway needs fixing; these 4 cities offer solutions

Comparing New York with its international peers offers insight into the strengths and weaknesses of different metro systems.

New York City's subway needs fixing; these 4 cities offer solutions

Comparing New York with its international peers offers insight into the strengths and weaknesses of different metro systems.

Second Avenue Subway service will get a slight boost this fall

The MTA will increase Q train service during morning and evening rush hour beginning in November.

Second Avenue Subway's debut leads to declining taxi use on the Upper East Side

A study published by New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation has found that taxi use has declined by nearly 20 percent in certain parts of the Upper East Side since the subway service got underway.

Second Avenue Subway has yet to lead to a rise in Upper East Side rents

Rent prices around the new stations haven’t brought the massive spikes that industry experts predicted.

Artist Sarah Sze gives a behind-the-scenes tour of her Second Avenue Subway installation

The installation took Sze ten years to complete, from the time that she submitted her proposal to when the artwork finally came to fruition last year.

Trump reveals little on infrastructure, says he knows the subway “very well” in Times interview

The Trump administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan was the focus of a New York Times interview, but little was revealed about what it will entail—or how it will affect New York City’s big infrastructure projects.

The Second Avenue Subway is not a work of art 

The white-walled architecture of New York’s newest subway stations are saved from total dullness by Instagram-worthy art installations.

More than 100,000 people are riding the Second Avenue Subway every day

Though it might not have been quite the roaring success the MTA anticipated, the Second Avenue subway has still gotten off to a great start.

Second Avenue Subway’s lengthy history traced in a new exhibit

To celebrate the Second Avenue subway’s opening, an exhibit focusing on its past

Second Avenue Subway may be one of Trump’s infrastructure priority projects

Leaked documents offer insight into the air, rail, and road projects that may get funding

How did the Second Avenue Subway do in its first week?

Now that the Second Avenue subway is officially running at full service, we’re checking in on what went down in week one.

Here's what it looked like to rally for the Second Avenue Subway in 1923

To say the Second Avenue Subway was overdue would be a huge understatement.

New Yorkers experience the Second Avenue Subway’s opening weekend: photos

It may have taken $4.5 billion and 100 years, but the Second Avenue Subway (part of it, anyway) is finally here. The line’s opening weekend proved extremely popular with commuters—check out photos.

Second Avenue Subway gets its historic inaugural ride

Governor Cuomo rang in 2017 at the city’s newest subway

As Second Avenue Subway prepares for its debut, cost of phase two is scrutinzed

One thing everyone can agree on: the cost of building this line is too damn high

Second Ave Subway's ceremonial first ride will be a New Year's party for city officials

While the rest of us will be spending our New Year’s Eve elsewhere, Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning on spending his on the inaugural New Year’s Eve ride for the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway.

Second Avenue Subway art, including work by Chuck Close, is unveiled

The expansive and mesmerizing installations are the largest permanent public art installation in New York State history, and dozens of works are spread out over the four stations along the extension.

Cuomo: Second Avenue Subway is ‘going to open Jan. 1’

Nearly a century after the East Side line was initially proposed, its first phase will really, truly make its debut.

Governor Cuomo is ‘cautiously optimistic’ that MTA will meet Second Avenue Subway deadline

After a Friday afternoon visit to the project site, Governor Cuomo took to Twitter and stated that he was "cautiously optimistic" that the project would hit its January 1st deadline.

Second Avenue Subway still doesn’t have an opening date

With 2017 quickly approaching, some wonder if the MTA will stick its promise to open the long-anticipated subway line by the new year.

MTA hustling to meet Second Avenue Subway opening date

The agency is working to beat all odds and avoid another delay

Here's how the Second Avenue Subway will affect NYC real estate

If you guessed that prices will rise, give yourself a gold star: StreetEasy crunched the numbers and found that increased access to transit could make Yorkville less affordable.

The W train makes its triumphant return

After six years out of service, the W train is back in business: the train resumed service this morning as part of the MTA’s larger plans for the Second Avenue Subway.

Finally, peek inside a new Second Avenue Subway station

The MTA says it’ll make good on its promise that the Second Avenue Subway will be running by the end of December, and new footage of testing offers a glimpse inside one of the stations.

Second Avenue Subway signs are coming, but will riders see them this year?

There are just two months left in 2016, which also means there are two months left for the MTA to get its you-know-what together and start operating the Second Avenue Subway.

Officials are certain Second Avenue Subway will be completed by deadline

Despite recent setbacks, U.S. representative Carolyn Maloney has "no doubt" that the project will finish by its December deadline. She evn went as far as to give the MTA an A+ on its latest report card.

W train's impending return teased in new MTA posters

Get ready: changes will go into effect 6:30am on Monday, November 7th. An MTA flyer also outlines all the upcoming service changes to come as the Second Avenue Subway gets closer to opening.

Some Second Avenue subway tunnels are too narrow for certain trains

The MTA has been working to shave down narrow tunnels to allow larger (mostly lettered) trains to pass through. The agency says that this won't affect its December deadline.

Second Avenue Subway test trains show sure sign of progress

The MTA confirmed that it was beginning several tests along the line, and that the train runs were just one of them. The MTA maintains that these tests are moving forward just as the agency had planned, but regardless they come as welcome news.

Second Avenue Subway at ‘significant risk’ of being delayed again

There are some things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and delays on MTA capital projects. There’ve been rumblings that the Second Avenue Subway may not make its projected December opening date, and it looks like the speculation may be true.

Chuck Close will bring mosaic portraits to the Second Avenue Subway

That the MTA was going to install artwork by celebrated artists along the Second Avenue subway stops has been a known fact for the past few years with the works of Jean Shin, Sarah Sze, and Vik Muniz to go up at different stops as well.

Of course the Second Avenue Subway might not be finished on time

For some time now, the MTA has been sticking to its story that the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway will really, truly open in December 2016. But construction work and inspections may not be going according to schedule.

W Train Will Return to Astoria With MTA Approval

The W train is finally back. The forgotten relative of the N/R/W line will be rehashed as the city gears up to reroute Q train service from Queens along the Second Avenue Subway track.