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Sunnyside Yards

Sunnyside Yard plan is a utopian vision for an urban future

The plan calls for 12,000 units of affordable housing and prioritizes pedestrians over cars.

Sunnyside Yard future debated at heated public meeting

The city aims to deck over the rail yard to build a megaproject larger than Governors Island

Sunnyside Yard megaproject may have a master planner

Vishaan Chakrabarti’s PAU has been chosen to plan out the massive rail yard-topping site, say sources familiar with the project.

Study of Hudson Yards-style development eyed for Sunnyside delayed

A feasibility study for building a platform over the Sunnyside Yards is significantly delayed. It's caused doubts if Mayor de Blasio's ambitious proposal--which envisions as many as 11,000 affordable apartments atop the yard--is actually possible.

Sunnyside Up

City to Study Feasibility of Sunnyside Yards, Amid Concerns

Inside Sunnyside Yards, New York City's Next Megaproject

Sunnyside Yards Development Would Be Incredibly Difficult

Cuomo Hops on the Sunnyside Yards Convention Center Train

Building a Stuyvesant Town in Sunnyside Will Be Controversial

Sunnyside Does Not Seem to Want the New Javits Center

Imagine a Huge Convention Center on Top of Sunnyside Yards

Residents Want Affordable Megaproject Atop Sunnyside Yards