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Surveying the NYC toxic sites owned by the Trump family

Ironically, several of the most toxic properties in New York City are currently under the control of Trump family members who stand to benefit from their remediation and development.

Gowanus has potential to become the 'Venice' of Brooklyn, experts say

Development in Gowanus has indeed been booming lately, giving the city leverage to ask developers to foot the bill for public spaces.

Coney Island Creek should be a superfund site, locals say

At a community board meeting, members voted unanimously to urge Albany to declare the creek a state Superfund site.

Gowanus Canal cleanup crews find garbage, trees, and…wrecked boats?

Debris is finally getting removed from the murky, polluted Brooklyn waterway, and while much of it is quotidian garbage, the EPA acknowledges that they’re prepared for some "surprises."

EPA’s Gowanus Canal cleanup plans could spell doom for ‘The Americans’ studio

The long-anticipated cleanup of the Gowanus Canal is one step closer to getting underway, as the EPA and the city announced the finalized locations for two retention tanks that are necessary for the remediation of the über-polluted waterway.