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The People's Guide

A guide to Jersey City from Barcade brand manager Janelle Gunther

Gunther, a three-year resident of the city, gives us the low down on the best parks, neighborhood joints, and more

A Local's Guide to Bedford Park

The kind of place where "the more things change, the more things stay the same," Bedford Park is a bedroom community in the Bronx. Here, a 15-year resident and graduate of the neighborhood's own Lehman College shares its ins and outs.

A Local's Guide to City Island, The Bronx's Seafaring Small Town

A 25-year City Island resident dishes on his home neighborhood, offering insight into everything from the best parks to the area's (modest) development boom. The island, worlds away from NYC, is still waiting for FIOS.

A Local's Guide to Grand Concourse

Call it the Courthouse District, Bronx Center, or Stadium District, but the Grand Concourse area may be one of the Bronx's most historic areas. With its large prewar apartments, the 'hood has become a destination for those looking to sprawl out.

A Local's Guide to Lincoln Square

Untapped Cities founder and lifelong Lincoln Square resident Michelle Young gives the lowdown on her neighborhood

A Local's Guide to Harlem, Where History and the Arts Intertwine

Harlem Arts Festival co-founder Chelsea Goding gives the lowdown on her neighborhood

A Local's Guide to the 'Beautiful Hodgepodge' That Is the East Village

A Local's Guide To Mott Haven, the Bronx's 'True Melting Pot'

A Local's Guide to Gowanus, NYC's Neighborhood of the Year