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Here’s how Brooklyn’s Watchtower building will be fixed up for its transformation to swank offices

New details emerge on Columbia Heights Associates’ planned conversion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Selling Even More Brooklyn Property

The dormitory building at 107 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights is now on the market. The Jehovah's Witnesses are moving operations to the northern suburbs.

Jehovah's Witnesses List 'Watchtower' Headquarters in Dumbo

First Look at the $2.3M-Plus Condos in Dumbo's Brillo Factory

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Here's a Map of NYC Nonprofits Turning into Luxury Housing

Two Dumbo Jehovah's Witnesses Sites Near Residential Future

Dumbo's Watchtower-Replacing Tech Hub Will Look Like This

Transformation of More Watchtower Sites Begins In Dumbo

Condo Makeover Approved For Dumbo Watchtower Building

Cornerspotted: Watchtower Building at 124 Columbia Heights

Not-So-Secret Tunnels

Watchtower No More?

Jehovah's Witnesses Finally Sell Heights Carriage House