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Willets Point

The life and death of Willets Point

Over the past few years, block after block of this once-vibrant Queens community has been demolished.

Willets Point megaproject in Queens is back on, with a focus on affordable housing

The de Blasio administration is restarting the stalled development, and there’s no mall in this iteration.

Willets Point megaproject may have just been dealt a ‘fatal blow’

The ambitious 200-shop mall must be approved by the state, according to the latest court decision.

Should Willets Point parkland be used for a mall? A court deliberates

At issue is the use of public land for private gain.

Demolition is underway at site of Willets Point redevelopment

The last of the auto repairs shops along 126th Street between 38th and Roosevelt Avenues have been torn down

New York Islanders may bring new arena to Willets Point

The New York Islanders are rumored to be considering a move from their current home at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to Willets Point in Queens. This is in large part due to the problems that arose during the first season.

Willets Point May Be Used As Parking During LaGuardia Reno

Disputed Willets Point Megaproject Gets City Council's Blessing

City Threatens to Drop Support of Willets Point Redevelopment

Court Ruling Halts Willets Point Megaproject Mall

Willets Point Watch

At Long Last, The AirTrain Will Go To LaGuardia Airport

A Look At Willets Point Before Demolition & Redevelopment