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World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus at the World Trade Center is one of New York’s newest architectural gems. Here, find news and updates about the World Trade Center Transportation Hub project, including details on its design and cost.

The status of the World Trade Center complex, 18 years later

On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, check in on the progress at the World Trade Center

The skylight at the World Trade Center’s $4B Oculus is leaking

The Port Authority is working to repair the ripped rubber seal running down the $32 million skylight

Skylight at World Trade Center Oculus opens for 9/11 anniversary

The 335-foot-long skylight will open to commemorate the 17th anniversary of 9/11

Cortlandt Street subway, demolished on 9/11, is now open

The 1 train is stopping at the station once again

The World Trade Center Oculus opened this morning as a 9/11 memorial

The 335-foot-long skylight of Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus opened to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11.

The status of the World Trade Center complex, 16 years later

On the 16th anniversary of 9/11, check in on the progress at the World Trade Center.

An ‘astonishing time capsule’ reopens at the World Trade Center

A travertine-paved passageway underneath the World Trade Center has reopened for the first time since September 11. The passageway is the one of the only remaining vestiges of the original WTC, and holds haunting reminders of the rescue effort.

The status of the World Trade Center complex, 15 years later

This weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and though it’s been a long road back for Lower Manhattan, the past decade and change—and the past three years in particular—have seen a lot of progress.

Photos: WTC Transportation Hub’s mall gets its grand opening

After 15 years in the making, the highly anticipated Westfield mall within the World Trade Center's Oculus is finally open. Naturally, attendees captured the excitement of the event in social media posts.

WTC Transportation Hub mall plagued by more delays

Chief among those problems is the fact that retail tenants are walking away, and four tenants have already backed out of leases less than a month before the scheduled opening on August 16.

Passageway Connecting WTC Hub and Fulton Center Finally Opens

The passageway provides a vital link between nine subway lines that pass through the Fulton Center and the PATH Station. Once these transit hubs open their retail components, the path will also provide a connection for shopping.

WTC Hub Passageway To Be Branded With A 280-Foot Digital Billboard

Since this passageway opened to the public in 2013, its white marble walls have set blank, but now the owner of the shopping mall inside the WTC Hub wants to brand it with a colossal 280-foot wide digital billboard.

WTC Transportation Hub Could Get an Opening Ceremony in May

Finally, Port Authority's "glorious boondoggle" may finally get the ringing-in it (sort of) deserves, as the agency plans to hold an opening ceremony for the $4 billion transit center around the time of its next board meeting.

The WTC Transportation Hub Is Open! Tour Calatrava’s Creation, In Instagrams

Finally, the public can see inside the Oculus for the first time

WTC Transportation Hub Opens Today to Mixed Reviews

Santiago Calatrava's epic World Trade Center Transportation Hub will open to the public today, but early reviews are decidedly mixed.

WTC Hub Will Get An Opening Ceremony After All

Despite initial reports that the Port Authority didn't want to hold an opening celebration, the Santiago Calatrava-designed station will get a proper ceremony sometime this spring.

At Last, Tour Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Transportation Hub

After more than a decade, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub—and the Oculus, the spiky, controversial sculpture that tops it—is set to make its public debut.

No Fancy Unveiling Planned for WTC Transportation Hub

When Santiago Calatrava's WTC Transportation Hub opens to the public, it'll do so without a big ceremony.

Is the WTC Transportation Hub a 'Lemon' or a 'Beauty'? Archicritics Weigh In

The public will have its chance to weigh in on Santiago Calatrava's transit hub in March, but in the meantime, here's what architecture critics have to say.

It's Official: WTC Oculus Will Open the First Week in March

WTC Transportation Hub Oculus To Open In March

World Trade Center Transportation Hub Plagued By Leaky Roof

Santiago Calatrava: 'I Deeply Consider Architecture an Art'

Skylight of World Trade Center Oculus Will Open Each Sept. 11

New Looks Inside Calatrava's $4B World Trade Center Oculus

Calatrava 'Treated Like a Dog' Over World Trade Boondoggle